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Physical therapy can be beneficial for those of all ages. From birth to aging and all of life’s adventures in between, your body experiences injury or strain. Many of us live with the pain and discomfort, believing this is just part of having a human form. Whether you need an intensive treatment plan to recover from a debilitating event or a new way to think about how you move in the world, our physical therapists will customize a plan for to get you back to what you enjoy most, and age greatly — not just gracefully.


Our “do what works” philosophy is backed by our clinicians’ rigorous training, ongoing education and the intense scrutiny of results. There is a reason that our client outcomes and research show a quality of care that is higher than the local and national average. Your therapist will be your exclusive guide for each visit as they apply an evidence-based approach to your treatment plan — leaving you empowered to get better, stay better and live your active life with less pain and more ease.


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Life’s Work PT – Physical Therapy Testimonials


Physical Therapist PortlandIf I had any words of wisdom to pass along to your patients, I would say that I view my REHAB sessions as a way to have mobility and less discomfort. There are days that things feel ‘off’ – but once I do REHAB it’s like I have taken drugs and the discomfort is gone…




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For Patients

Our expert level practitioner approach each client with the same level of care as their first, developing a unique plan for recovery. This detail, combined with thousands of hours of treating backs, ankles, necks and more, makes us leaders in our craft.

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For Companies

Whether a large multi state, multi year project or a one day education session, Life's Work is committed to helping you invest wisely in your employee's health and wellness, reduce injury/illness risk and identify programs that create a healthful productive work environment.

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For Physicians

Our culture is rooted in advanced education, providing a place for the best and brightest practitioners to become even better, even brighter. As a result, we push the practice of Physical Therapy forward, and our patients benefit most of all.

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