Low back pain is an epidemic, with an annual prevalence of approximately 50% in our population.  It accounts for one of the most expensive diagnoses that people seek medical care from. Because of this and the functional limitations which low back pain has on the people who suffer from it, we feel finding the best way of managing this problem is key to keeping our community healthy and active.

Life's Work PT LogoAt Life’s Work Physical Therapy (LWPT), we have specific training in post-graduate coursework through the North American Institute of Manual Physical Therapy (NAIOMT), which has helped us be able to accurately diagnosis patients with low back pain and help determine the appropriate course of action to help treat these patients effectively and efficiently. We use evidence-based therapy to formulate an individualized treatment plan based on the clinical findings. Each physical therapist is trained in manual therapy, and understands how to progressively advance a home program to meet functional goals, no matter if it is getting back to running, biking, lifting, working, or just everyday home activities.

couple-walking0in-snowshoesOur goal at LWPT is to get our low back pain patients back to the activities which they want to return to, while giving them the tools to self-manage their condition over the long-term and maintain an active lifestyle. We provide extensive education to our patients about their low back pain diagnosis and the treatment progression, which allows for a collaborative approach. We work closely with the physicians and other practitioners to make sure all parties agree on the plan of care. We strive to gain patient’s confidence in helping them manage their low back pain. We also evaluate and treat all musculoskeletal disorders, and hope to be a life-line for patients for future problems as they arise.

We are a team of professionals passionate about getting people back
to normal life activities by following this simple approach “Do what works!” Contact us today to see how we can help you!