When thinking of exercising, many of us think about the need to get up bright and early to work in a jog, or having to motivate ourselves to go to the gym after work a few times a week. Exercising is so much more than just those 30-60 minutes some of us may dread or may look forward to each day. It is an ideal that we should actually incorporate into the majority of EVERY day.

We have changed from our once-active jobs into sedentary positions for the sake of efficiency, but not for our health. So much so that it has been termed “Sitting Syndrome.” We have modified our life from childhood in healthy, extended position (i.e. standing, running in nice, elongated postures) to one of a flexed, immobile position (i.e. sitting hunched over in front of a computer). We are spending less time with our legs back behind us pushing us forward (healthy, hip range of motion),or standing tall placing appropriate pressure through our spine for our health. Our joints and many tissues in our body require changes in movement in order to receive components they need to stay healthy! When we start losing this ability, from our lack of movement over an extended period of time, our bodies begin to break down, resulting in many of the chronic pain issues which we face today.

Now this may seem excessive to move and use our bodies all day, but it actually opens up an opportunity to leave us feeling better by the end of the day and be even MORE productive at work. Studies have shown that since the revolutionizing of the workplace to incorporate the use of computers, the rise in musculoskeletal disorders, not to mention cardiovascular diseases, have grown exponentially. These conditions, often leaving us feeling painful or unwell, are a distraction to what we need to accomplish on a daily basis. Therefore, it makes sense that if we can incorporate more movement into our day, we would remain more alert and ready to take on each task while also promoting our health.

For a few fun ideas to work exercise into the workplace, check out next weeks blog!