Take a moment to think about the human body and the components that allow it to function. We have 206 bones and an arguable 640+ muscles that move those components. Even though we have these common factors between us, take time to think about your height and weight, past history of injuries, overall strength, and current activity level and start comparing yourself to other people around you. Just these factors alone make each and everyone of us a unique individual, requiring a detailed evaluation and individualized care plan when treating your musculoskeletal disorders. It also means that there are a lot of things that must be taken into consideration when providing you a treatment plan for the clinical diagnosis that brings you in to physical therapy.

At Life’s Work Physical Therapy, we strive to provide each individual with an evidence-based clinical diagnosis, and then provide an individualized home exercise program that addresses the appropriate condition. When we design a program, we look to include exercises which incorporate a global perspective of the human body (i.e. if you present with recurrent ankle sprains, your exercise program may include core stabilization to account for other factors which reduce your stability at the ankle) Just because the pain is located in the ankle, it does not always mean that the treatment stops there, as there is likely one or more reason further up the chain contributing to this occurrence. Moreover, treatment is different based on the tissue you are treating, be it bone, tendon, ligament, muscle or nerve, which is why the proper diagnosis is of utmost importance. Lastly, not all exercises work the same for every individual. Therefore, prescribing exercises for clients is not an easy task, with multiple components being taken into consideration for each specific exercise.

These reasons are why if you are experiencing symptoms that are limiting you from your daily functional or recreational activities, you should consult with your physical therapist to help you develop a plan that tailors to your healing, your schedule and personal goals.