Starting in March 2014, Life’s Work Physical Therapy (LWPT) has expanded by adding in a second location within GreenField Health at its Barnes Road office in Beaverton, OR. GreenField Health’s philosophy of relationship, service and reliability is in agreeance with LWPT’s core values. LWPT’s mission is to reduce the disability and incidence of chronic musculoskeletal pain in as many people as possible, through evidence-based practice and exceptional differential diagnosis, customer service, and by taking a biopsychosocial approach to patient care.

It has been shown that 1/5 (20%) of all primary care visits are for musculoskeletal issues. By providing physical therapy in the same establishment as primary care physicians, it allows for more efficient and effective treatment of the appropriate patients seen in physician’s offices. Physical therapy is a great first-line of attack for musculoskeletal disorders, and is shown to be the most cost-effective treatment for these patients.

Members of GreenField Health can schedule an appointment for physical therapy by calling Life’s Work Physical Therapy at 503-295-2585. Life’s Work is a preferred provider with a wide variety of insurance plans, and same-week appointments are available at this time.