“Sandy, I feel old!” I hear this all the time, from my family, my friends and often from my clients. They say it in all kinds of ways. Some explain that they feel stiff when they wake up. They tell me it takes longer to heal from a simple injury. They say, “I have to lean on the chair just to get up from the floor.” Other times, my clients tell me they are feeling out of shape or overweight. They were always so active but now that they are getting a bit older, they don’t know where to start. The reality is that we are all aging and orthopedic aging is normal.

But aging is no reason to stop! It’s a great reason to get active, and getting started is easier than you think. There is SO much you can do to age well, age strong and live an active life. Working with a great Physical Therapist will help you feel younger, live stronger and be empowered to maintain a healthy life.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to see a Life’s Work Physical Therapist in 2018:

 1. You are nearing 40 or perhaps already passed this milestone.

Orthopedic aging is normal and our PTs can help you age gracefully and build strength. Stiffness, weakness and balance problems can lead to inactivity, premature aging and disabilities. Preventing disability associated with aging is possible with physical therapy.

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2.Your… lower back, neck, mid-back, shoulders, elbows, hands, wrists, hips, knees, ankles and/or feet… hurt all the time.

When your body hurts, aches or feels stiff, it’s trying to tell you something. Listen to it! Most people believe, “this pain will go away eventually.” I wish this were true, but unfortunately, it is not. Our physical therapists will work with you, identify the root causes of your pain and develop a plan to help you resolve it. Persistent pain rarely resolves on its own but with some effort and help from our PTs, it can be resolved.

3. You want to exercise but feel out of shape and unsure what to do.

Maximizing activity and movement is the key to keeping your orthopedic system strong. Our physical therapists will develop a safe exercise program suited for you based upon your age, your fitness level, your goals and your lifestyle. The more you do with and for your body on a regular basis, the better your body works, and the better you feel.

4. You cannot get up from the floor as easily as you used to.

If it is difficult for you to get up from the floor without using your arms or furniture for support, it’s time to see a PT. This previously simple task, that we all take for granted, is now difficult. Your body is asking you to look out for premature aging and increased risk for orthopedic problems.

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5. You don’t have a personal physical therapist.

Just like you have a family doctor, having your own physical therapist is a must. Once you find a good physical therapist, keep him or her on your health care team. They will be there to help you throughout the many stages of your long life. Some of my clients have worked with me for over 15 years. Together, we have developed fitness goals, worked on various aches, pains and injuries and had routine annual check-ups. While their bodies have changed and aged, I have helped them develop and maintain healthy, active lifestyles.

There is so much you can do to age beautifully. Be proactive.
If you live to be 85 years old & beyond (which I hope you do!), then your body, the lower back, knees, hips, shoulders, neck, ankles, hands and feet need to “live” to be 85 years old too!

I wish you a happy, healthy 2018!
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