Our goal at Life’s Work Physical Therapy is to provide a safe and supportive environment where all of our patients can meet their physical therapy needs. We understand how difficult it can be to find inclusive and knowledgeable care. Even when individuals are able to find medical care that is non-discriminatory, they often spend more time explaining their LGBTQ-specific medical needs to their health care providers, and less time getting the treatment they need. We are a committed team of allies whose goal is to help you feel supported and comfortable with your healthcare.

We provide everyone who comes to us with individualized care. Our physical therapists treat 1-on-1 in private rooms for patient privacy but our patients are always welcome to bring a partner, friend, or family member if they prefer for personal comfort. During an evaluation we take the time to listen to your story so that we can best meet your healthcare needs. We always ask consent before any testing or treatment regardless of if it’s the first visit or last visit- we respect what makes you comfortable during a physical therapy session. Additionally, our physical therapists are trauma and eating disorder informed and are constantly working to educate ourselves to improve the care we provide to our LGBTQ community.

We provide physical therapy care in both orthopedics and pelvic health. Our orthopedic physical therapists have experience working with gender diverse individuals. We provide gender affirming care while treating all orthopedic conditions including back and neck pain, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle pain, headache disorders, and vestibular disorders among others. They also have experience helping individuals improve mobility of the chest, underarms, scar tissue and diaphragm following binding or surgery.

Our pelvic health physical therapist works with individuals who have bladder or bowel symptoms, sexual dysfunction and pelvic pain and has experience working with gender non-conforming individuals and individuals in “non-traditional” sexual relationships. In addition they have knowledge of hormone therapy and understand gender affirming procedures and the rehab guidelines following these procedures.

Finding the right healthcare can be a difficult and complicated process. At Life’s Work Physical Therapy our commitment is to provide the best care possible to our LGBTQ+ community and to fully respect and honor the individuality of each person we are privileged to care for. If you have any questions or would like to speak to a physical therapist please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we are always here to meet your physical therapy needs.