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About Us

Our approach starts with a simple statement: “do what works.”

Though it sounds like common sense, it is surprising the number of  healthcare practitioners who have drifted away from this as a standard. It is  easy to get off-course, with all of the distractions provided by advertisers and other influences, and the empty promise of the elusive panacea.

But there is no panacea. In fact, there is  ultimately only one foolproof answer to musculoskeletal problems, and we feel it is best summarized like this:

“Nothing in life worth having comes easy. If you want your life back, then you must commit to working towards it. Life is Work.”

We are here to guide you through the entire process, and to provide you with all of the knowledge and affirmation you need in order to make this philosophy your own while on your way to getting better.


Our vision is to create a community which is empowered to successfully prevent, and manage, injuries to be able to get back to normal life activities.


Education, education, education! We believe that education is key to accomplish our vision. We invest a lot of resources in education for our staff and focus heavily on education with our customers. Our personalized, cooperative treatment approach allows us to work and learn together. It also allows our customers to become successful at preventing, and managing, injuries while living well and pain-free.

  • Understand what is wrong
  • Listen and learn about your body and how it responds – everyone is different
  • Set realistic expectations
  • Learn how to manage your body
  • Learn how to stay well


Our vision is ambitious and our mission requires patience and dedication. We are committed! We also realize that the following values are necessary in accomplishing what we set out to accomplish.

  • Evidence-based practice
  • Relationships (one-on-one, personalized approach, we know you!)
  • Customer Service
  • Advocacy – for patients, our staff, various communities

Our Future

We have  become a training center for orthopedic manual physical therapists. Our owner, as well as our Clinical Director, are fellows within the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists (FAAOMPT). We plan to use this knowledge to train our staff and students so they can become certified manual physical therapists (COMT). Clinical Research continues at Life’s Work following the publication of four studies since  2011.