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Company FAQs


How can Life’s Work help us?

For the last 11 years, Life’s Work Consulting has worked with both large and small companies on their musculoskeletal injury risk mitigation. We’ve helped companies in health implement safe patient handling programs to limit injuries to patients and staff members. We’ve helped construction firms assess work sites to make them safer and implemented stretching programs to assist with warming up prior to work. We’ve worked with manufacturing companies to help reduce manual materials handing and injury risk at the assembly line. Our team is trained to understand your individual problem and come up with a proposal, strategy and plan to solve it. Some of our projects last one day and others for years.

How can Life’s Work help us mitigate injury related costs?

In most companies, musculoskeletal costs whether they are medical or workers’ compensation related, may represent 30% of total costs. When analyzing the indirect costs associated with these injuries, it can be 3-7 times the direct medical costs. Our programs are designed to target this risk whenever possible. Long-term investment in prevention and injury risk mitigation is a company’s best way to impact the bottom line long-term. Oregon OSHA, NIH and many other organizations have published research on this topic. Pre and post metrics for your project are encouraged to show ROI.

How do I set up an initial meeting with Life’s Work?

Simply call our office number and one of our staff with connect you with the best person to discuss your needs. 

What industries does Life’s Work have experience working in?

Primary experience is in construction and related fields, health care, manufacturing and high-tech/office environments and transportation. 

What types of services can Life’s Work provide?

Our services have a broad range depending upon the needs of our clients. We offer full comprehensive injury risk programs where we develop and implement them with the help of your team. We offer on-site education sessions for supervisors, executive team members, and front line staff. We offer full spectrum ergonomics consulting services, which may include process improvement, manual materials handling analysis and changes, and injury related work station assessments.