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For Physicians

Welcome to Life’s Work Physical Therapy

Our culture is rooted in advanced education, providing a place for the best, and brightest, practitioners to become even better. As a result, we push the practice of Physical Therapy forward, and our patients benefit the most.

We are a group of highly qualified, passionate, and sincere professionals who have chosen to make a career out of helping our patients succeed.

We share each patient’s commitment to getting better, and provide them with the knowledge and confidence to stay that way.

How do we ensure that our patients are receiving the best care available? By staying at the forefront of research, so we do not use techniques which evidence has proven ineffective.

Experience the Difference

Our Physical therapists are trained in all 3 aspects of successful patient care. At Life’s Work PT we are 100% committed to helping our therapists achieve the highest level of training and expertise they desire. We desire professionals who have their own interests and who go at their own speed with learning, but who inherently have a desire for life-long learning.

We provide a structure, and a plan, for our PTs to follow. WE provide a practical application for  their new skills by case reviews, rounds, and continued learning.

Get better with us.