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Life’s Work Philosophy

At Life’s Work Physical Therapy (LWPT), we strive for all our therapists to be the best musculoskeletal diagnosticians in the industry. We feel that it is easy to treat injuries, as long as you know what you need to treat. This is a hard task, as there are so many possibilities to what a patient’s pain could be coming from. Medial knee pain, for example, could be coming from numerous sources, such as the medial collateral ligament, the medial meniscus, the medial hamstrings or calf musculature, the pes anserine musculature, bursae, medial knee osteoarthritis, the patellofemoral joint, the lumbar spine, a problem at the ankle or hip or sacroiliac joint, as well as other possibilities. We could treat all knee pain patients with the same treatment, as many clinicians unfortunately do, but every one of those possible diagnoses of medial knee pain call for a different treatment strategy. Failure to know ‘what’ you are needing to treat drastically affects the ability to properly treat the patient, individualize treatment plans, and makes you become a cookie-cutter therapist with poor outcomes. Nothing at Life’s Work Physical Therapy is cookie-cutter, as we have never treated the same thing the exact same way twice.

At LWPT, we value treating each patient individually. We look to understand not only what may be causing the pain that you are experiencing, but also what other things may be contributing to the pain. Are there changes to the hip or ankle that are now affecting the knee, which brought on medial knee pain? Our clinicians perform a detailed subjective evaluation to get to know each patient thoroughly, learning about their past histories, the barriers towards success in the past, what past treatments they have had for the same condition and what has worked/failed for treatments before. We do not want to make the same mistakes other clinicians have made in the past in treating your condition, but also value knowing what has worked before which provides details to how your body responds towards various treatment options. We will also work closely with your primary doctor(s) to keep all providers associated with your health on the same page, which has been shown to assist in higher patient outcomes.

At LWPT, we are specifically trained in manual therapy, and are experts in our ability to evaluate patients presenting with musculoskeletal pain. Two of our therapists have completed a fellowship in orthopaedic manual physical therapy, and are fellows of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy (AAOMPT), an accomplishment achieved by less than 0.5% of the physical therapists in the United States. The rest of our physical therapy staff is actively striving towards certification in manual physical therapy, and are a part of continual LWPT mentorship to better their skills and become expert clinicians. Various mentorship opportunities experienced routinely by all our clinical staff include:

  • Shadowing of patient care from other clinicians
  • Evaluation and technique hands-on practice and mentorship
  • Case Reviews
  • Peer-Reviewed Journal Reading
  • Annual continuing education courses from the best physical therapy clinicians in the industry

We have also published (4) research articles in peer-reviewed journals, with three articles showing our success in treating patients with chronic pain and high fear-avoidance behaviors, and a case study showing successful treatment of a patient with chronic knee pain through manipulation of the ankle and mobilization of the knee.

Life’s Work Physical Therapy is special for many reasons, but mostly we are different because of our dedication to our patients and their goals. We do not settle for mediocrity, and our curiosities continue to drive us towards continued learning. Frequently, we have patients leave our office for the first time stating how they have ‘never been evaluated like that before’, or that ‘no one has looked at my condition in that way before’. We want to be the best, because we feel our patients deserve the best. If you are experiencing pain, and would like to get an evaluation by one of our skilled clinicians, call Life’s Work Physical Therapy today!