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Physician FAQs

Our clinical experience, and published research, indicate that patients get the best outcomes when the doctor and physical therapists work well as a care team. Our PTs are trained to provide you with thorough differential diagnosis for the following conditions. Depending on acuity or chronicity, and the complexity of the case, the plan of care may vary, and the physical therapist will communicate those needs to you as they change.

To refer a patient to Life’s Work Physical Therapy, please complete this form and fax it to (503) 295-2587.


What conditions are appropriate to refer to PT?

Life’s Work has specialized programs, all of which are evidence-based:


    • Biopsychosocial program for orthopedic evaluation, treatment and secondary prevention (2 studies published in peer-reviewed journals)


    • Headache evaluation and treatment program


    • Spinal evaluation and treatment (includes neck, thorax, lower back and sacroiliac regions)


    • Whiplash Associated Disorders (MVA and non-MVA)


    • Return-to-work program (for Worker’s Compensation cases)


    • TMD (temporomandibular muscle disorder) program


    • Women’s health program: Pregnancy and Post-Partum


    • Stabilization programs for shoulders, lumbo-pelvic, knees and cervical spine


    • Knee program – pre-op, post-op and non-operative (Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy (JMMT) 2014 case-study publication))


What’s the best way to refer my patients to you? Fax, email, etc.?

Fax, email or call the clinic with information and we will call the patient the same day to get them scheduled. Most of the time we are able to offer them same week evaluation appointments.

How will you partner with me and how will you communicate?

Physical therapists will send you a detailed report after the first visit and periodic reports regarding your patient’s progress throughout the care plan. In cases where:


    • there are red or yellow flags present


    • further diagnostics may be helpful


    • pain is not well controlled with PT only


    • other incidences requiring consult with the MD


We prefer to call. Email communication works well too if your office is set up with a secure email system. 

What are your outcomes?

Life’s Work is committed to tracking our outcomes and constantly improving based upon our results. We have outcomes data about patient performance and satisfaction for the last 11 years. We have published these outcomes in 2 peer-reviewed journals. We meet with our physicians quarterly to review their specific outcomes and discuss how we can continue to serve you and your patients well. Please refer to our physical therapy outcomes for full review. 

Why should I refer to your clinic instead of another one?

Life’s Work Physical Therapy is very unique in its mission and values. In addition, patients meet with their physical therapist at every visit, receive high customer service as proven by our outcomes, advanced clinical team training and dedication to finding our patients root cause. Our clinic owner is 100% committed to providing the highest level of patient care and service for even the most difficult cases. This is evidenced in the results of our published research and physical therapy outcomes

Can PT help with arthritis, chronic pain, etc.?

We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic, persistent conditions. Because these conditions are typically harder to treat, we feel the Life’s Work model and advanced training clinical practice paradigm lends itself very well. The clinic owner is very dedicated to the secondary prevention and treatment of chronic, persistent pain and conditions. She has published on the topic and speaks regionally and nationally about programs that are effective for this patient population. Typically, the patients seen at Life’s Work who have chronic conditions have seen at least one other medical provider, prior to engaging with Life’s Work, for their condition regularly with poor outcomes. Typically, these patients thrive at Life’s Work getting superior outcomes and skills to manage their condition long-term. 

Can my patients use their insurance at your clinic?

Physical therapy is almost always included under your patient’s medical coverage. You can either check with their plan administrator or call us directly at 503-295-2585. We would be glad to verify your patient’s eligibility for you and go over their physical therapy benefits in detail with you.

If they do not have insurance, or their plan does not cover PT, we offer a significant discount for paying at the time of service. Please call the clinic for details.

Do you use modalities like electrical stimulation or ultrasound?

Our physical therapists rely on a layered approach to each care plan. It involves specific diagnosis with customized care plans, education that includes self-management and activity modification in the short and long-term, and prescribed exercise program that addresses the root cause of patient’s pain and dysfunction. Electrical stimulation and ultrasound can be a very small part of a patient’s care plan. These modalities are used to reduce swelling and promote healing. Modalities of any kind are a tertiary part of the care plan.

What can my patients expect from their first visit?

Patients can expect a detailed explanation and care plan after their first visit. Our initial visits focus upon root cause analysis in terms of what may be driving the patient’s pain, functional limitations and activity tolerance. Patients can expect an efficient and friendly check in process, lots of education and to put a plan in place for how their problem(s) will be solved. Much of the first visit is spent in assessment and discovery; subsequent visits will involve ongoing assessment and modification of care plan, as the patient’s needs change and progress.