At Life’s Work, we don’t rely on one-size-fits-all solutions. Different types of pain and injuries require different types of physical therapy. In addition, each person’s body and lifestyle are unique. That’s why we build your treatment around you and your goals for the future.

What Kind of Treatment Will I Receive?

We’ll help you get back to living with the very latest, research-based treatments, including:

  • Orthopedic manual therapy to help your body heal with muscle retraining, relaxation, soft tissue mobilization, joint stiffness, and scar tissue remodeling
  • Therapeutic home exercises and changes to your posture and workstation to strengthen your body, minimize injury risk, and improve muscle control
  • Stress management techniques to lessen muscle tension, improve body performance, and support healing.

I had the most incredible experience at Life’s Work! My back no longer hurts. I feel great, and will use the exercises they taught me forever!

Kellie B.

“Therapy has transformed my walking, posture, and balance—not to mention realigning my ankle and foot.”

Barbara S.

Physical Therapy Services

We successfully treat a variety of conditions in all areas of the body, including:

    Specialty Physical Therapy

    We also have many specialty programs :

    “This is the single best healthcare experience I’ve had in Portland. My PT has a level of compassion I have honestly NEVER encountered with any healthcare professional.”

    Mikaela E.

    Let's get better together.

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