Seek Treatment From a Safe Space

Here at Life’s Work PT, we are your allies and partners in your wellness journey. We are committed to providing an equal opportunity to receive the highest quality, individualized care to all people.

Proud to Serve Our LGBTQIA+ Community

Our pelvic health and orthopedic programs are led by LGBTQIA allies who you can trust with your health care. We have private treatment rooms to provide you with a 1-on-1 environment where you can feel comfortable knowing you are safe and supported.

Allies in the Community.
Allies in Your Healthcare.

Pelvic Health
“Your pelvis is safe with me.”

If you have bladder or bowel symptoms, sexual dysfunction, or pelvic pain, you want to work with a provider who:

  • has experience working with gender non-conforming individuals and people in “non-traditional” sexual relationships
  • has knowledge of hormone therapy and associated symptoms
  • understands the unique gender affirming procedures an individual can choose to pursue and the rehab guidelines following those procedures

“You are safe here. Let’s get well, together.”

If you have body aches or pains, a nagging injury, or need rehab postoperatively, you want to work with a provider who:

  • has experience working with gender diverse individuals and provides gender affirming care
  • can help you improve mobility of the chest, underarms, ribs, scar tissue, and diaphragm following binding or breast/chest surgery

Let's get better together.

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