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Why Life’s Work

physical therapy mottoAt Life’s Work Physical Therapy we have a three-fold approach to our clients’ success which we call “do what works.” Though it sounds like common sense, you may be surprised at the number of healthcare practitioners who have drifted away from this as a standard. It is easy to get off-course, with all of the distractions provided by advertisers and other influences, and the empty promise of the elusive panacea.

But there is no panacea. In fact, there is ultimately only one foolproof answer to musculoskeletal problems, and we feel it is best summarized like this:

“Nothing in life worth having comes easy. If you want your life back, then you must commit to working towards it. Life is work.” 

We are here to guide you through the entire process, and to provide you with all of the knowledge and affirmation you need in order to make this philosophy your own while on your way to getting better. Find out more about our three-fold approach:

  1. Evidence-based practice
  2. Personalized approach
  3. Customer service

Evidence-based practice

Our highly trained therapists take you from surviving to thriving.

We believe that education is key to accomplish our vision for your health. Clinical research and results tracking are essential to our comprehensive approach to care. Life’s Work is an established training center for orthopedic manual physical therapists, under the guidance of fellows of  the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists. This results in hundreds of hours of clinician mentoring along with the mandatory 60 hours of continuing education expected annually from our therapists.

Life’s Work tracks client outcomes anonymously on pain and function, establishing a quality of life measure that shows a significant improvement in how your body works and feels. LWPT  consistently outperforms other PT practices locally and nationally.

Clinical research continues at Life’s Work following the publication of four studies since 2011 including our success in treating clients with chronic pain and high fear-avoidance, and a case study showing the successful treatment of a client with chronic knee pain.

Personalized approach

You need more than a massage, you need a master plan.

“Do what works” is  more complex than it might initially seem. Unfortunately, treating all knee pain clients with the same treatment is a common experience at other clinics. In fact, Life’s Work is often referred cases unsuccessfully treated elsewhere. The key to improvement is knowing what is at the root of a pain or symptoms and working an individualized plan specific to that client’s needs. At Life’s Work, every one of your sessions will be with your physical therapist, the one who diagnosed you and developed your plan for success. We are also committed to fully tracking your physical therapy outcome with continuous measurement.

Our personalized cooperative treatment approach allows us to work and learn together and for our clients to become successful at preventing and managing injuries, living pain-free and reaching their fullest potential. At Life’s Work we develop a lifetime relationship with our clients, empowering you to age greatly.

Customer service

It is our life’s work that your life thrives.

We apply this concept from the moment you phone us until you leave us in less pain and with a plan of action for your future health, wellbeing, and wellness. Everyone in our clinic strives to become your extended PT “family.” We take the time to walk you through the complications of modern-day insurance to the extended scheduling of multiple visits that fit your lifestyle.

When it comes to time with your therapist, you will see that person for one-on-one visits, every time you visit, 100 percent of the time. Life’s Work does not use assistants or support staff. Your therapist is dedicated to your treatment plan from a full diagnosis to individual manual therapy visits. Our vision is to create a community where everyone is empowered to successfully prevent, and manage injuries in order to get back to their normal life activities. We will explain clearly how every aspect of your therapy is designed to get you to that point.

Our clients leave with a plan, empowered with information to get better, stay better and do all the things they want to do for as long as they want to do them.

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